I Like Shadows





I like shadows, I like silence, It is not as often I find myself alone, or get to take the time to enjoy these preoccupations as my time is always being filled up with the clutter of activities and work. But many people don’t realize at my core, I am a very silent man, I am a very serious man, and I love nothing more than thinking of complex thought and trying to figure out the complex systems of human behavior and structure. Intuitiveness is something that comes natural, but having to deal with conflict, false judgement, and bad behavior is something that does not come as natural to me. But is something I have had to learn. In the past week, I have had a lot of time to think, pressure has been weighing down on my shoulders like the minute hand of a clock weighs down when the second hand hits the 12 at the top. And like that minute hand I have had to keep moving and hold myself together, even when the pressure of unjust forces were coming in to slit my throat. As I said before I like shadows, and I like silence, it is when I am most whole. There is more knowledge in these two things than there are in most things in the world. Silence never has to speak, its answers are always there weighing in on your mind, and shadows well they are always there day to day watching everything you do, but never passing judgement, they are your eternal friends, and allies, your fixed companion in the world, and even when you feel like they have abandoned you all you have to do is turn on a light to realize that they will always be there with you. I like silence, I like shadows they always know the truth, and know when you are in the right and wrong, they are not swayed by the world, they do not take bribes and they do not take threats. If you are acting in the wrong they will be the weight that crushes you, if you are acting in the right they are the only comfort you will know. In this past week I have had the comfort of these two things and am ever thankful for their knowledge and solace. Being a leader is hard, it is tough, and no matter what you decide there will always be someone to vilify you, to hate you, to try to bring you onto the ground through their own irrationality and jealousy, and try to crush your head under their foot. But no matter what a leader is the one who decides, and it up to his decisions if a group sinks or swims, and no matter what, a leader will know if he made the right decision, if when he sits in silence alone with his shadows they are there to hold him and caress him, because they know what he did was right, and will always be right. Truth no matter how many try to slant it, no matter how many try to run from it, is always concrete and will always remain in the silence and the shadows of your life, and a wise man knows that it is foolish to live on actions that make it where your time alone is spent dreading your deeds, and should instead be spent, being proud that you did the right thing, and no one, no one can ever judge you on that. I like silence, I like shadows, and at the end of the day, “Only the shadow knows.”

-Dalton Winfree