The Slaveowner Of The World


America is built on the slave labor of the rest of the world. It is Capitalism’s imperialism that has kept us on top, and as China and India sell out their countries for industrialization, it will only go to show how dependent we really are on their cheap systems of labor, when China and India have finally caught up. How are we under the Capitalist system going to manage our resources when Big Business in all of these countries, not just our booms? As these countries industrialize so to will its workers living conditions, jobs, and health regulations, to the point that the slave labor is going to cost to much for these other countries. Thus after looking at the example of America’s outsourcing, it is no doubt that these countries themselves will outsource and find populations of other countries to be their new slaves, with the promise of industrialization. Which gets us to the question, can the world survive under a Capitalist dog eat dog situation? As industry booms headlong in China, so to does their pollution rates, their push to get their country to industrialize has completely ruined their air, and its going to take many years and precautions to fix the damage done. Our Earth is being depleted of its resources, and our climate’s temperature keeps rising, with our businesses not doing a thing to stop it. We are veering along into what could become a disaster of epic proportions, for soon the superpowers of the world will be many and not just one, and the slave-owners will grow.


The Importance Of Being Extremist


There are many who will read this, and my future blogs and think my thoughts are too radical. They will hate what I write, and with a closed mind they will ignore all intentions and meanings to my words. They will paraphrase what I’m about to write, and twist and distort it until I am an enemy to the popular and common thought of today. I will become a threat to what they believe, and because of that I am to be ignored and exiled. How ridiculous it is to have to live in a world with people that are so close minded and so brainwashed that they neither question the beliefs of the established order, or their own trains of thoughts. It is every man’s civil duty to help eradicate intolerance of this sort to help un-zombify these poor minds and unshackle them from their chains. Because without “the extremists” or “the radicals” in the world, the world would stagnate, with the established order never being questioned and a way of life being frozen in time no matter how despondent the living conditions might be. Imagine a world without the revolutions brought on by Martin Luther King Jr. where the oppression of the black minority was still ever present and encouraged in the South. Whose peaceful sit ins and ideas of a nonviolent Revolution kept the violent ideas and tendencies of black superiority in the mind and followers of Malcolm X in check, and completely changed the lives and the chances of a greater life for every black person in America. Imagine a world without the ideas of Karl Marx whose worry for factory workers living in deplorable working conditions brought on by the Capitalist boom during the 19th century encouraged the ideas of revolution and an attempt at Utopia. And although some of these ideas have not worked and were used and twisted by many for their own gains, it is for sure that these writings went on and encouraged the lower class to empower themselves and begin to work towards a better way of life, and encourage the author Upton Sinclair to write the classic novel, “The Jungle.” A book that literally brought health and safety regulations for workers. These men were definitely extreme on their own beliefs, and although they might not have had it all right, people took these ideas moved the to the middle and used them to change the world we live in and brought opportunities to a lot of deserving people. So instead of ignoring “The Extremist” everyone around you hates, maybe you should take a listen to their ideas and decide for yourself, who knows maybe it’s their ideas that will change the world.


I Like Shadows





I like shadows, I like silence, It is not as often I find myself alone, or get to take the time to enjoy these preoccupations as my time is always being filled up with the clutter of activities and work. But many people don’t realize at my core, I am a very silent man, I am a very serious man, and I love nothing more than thinking of complex thought and trying to figure out the complex systems of human behavior and structure. Intuitiveness is something that comes natural, but having to deal with conflict, false judgement, and bad behavior is something that does not come as natural to me. But is something I have had to learn. In the past week, I have had a lot of time to think, pressure has been weighing down on my shoulders like the minute hand of a clock weighs down when the second hand hits the 12 at the top. And like that minute hand I have had to keep moving and hold myself together, even when the pressure of unjust forces were coming in to slit my throat. As I said before I like shadows, and I like silence, it is when I am most whole. There is more knowledge in these two things than there are in most things in the world. Silence never has to speak, its answers are always there weighing in on your mind, and shadows well they are always there day to day watching everything you do, but never passing judgement, they are your eternal friends, and allies, your fixed companion in the world, and even when you feel like they have abandoned you all you have to do is turn on a light to realize that they will always be there with you. I like silence, I like shadows they always know the truth, and know when you are in the right and wrong, they are not swayed by the world, they do not take bribes and they do not take threats. If you are acting in the wrong they will be the weight that crushes you, if you are acting in the right they are the only comfort you will know. In this past week I have had the comfort of these two things and am ever thankful for their knowledge and solace. Being a leader is hard, it is tough, and no matter what you decide there will always be someone to vilify you, to hate you, to try to bring you onto the ground through their own irrationality and jealousy, and try to crush your head under their foot. But no matter what a leader is the one who decides, and it up to his decisions if a group sinks or swims, and no matter what, a leader will know if he made the right decision, if when he sits in silence alone with his shadows they are there to hold him and caress him, because they know what he did was right, and will always be right. Truth no matter how many try to slant it, no matter how many try to run from it, is always concrete and will always remain in the silence and the shadows of your life, and a wise man knows that it is foolish to live on actions that make it where your time alone is spent dreading your deeds, and should instead be spent, being proud that you did the right thing, and no one, no one can ever judge you on that. I like silence, I like shadows, and at the end of the day, “Only the shadow knows.”

-Dalton Winfree



3 boys

Over the past few weeks a lot has happened in my life. A lot of great things, a promotion from my job and a pay raise. Ive been accepted back into school. As a band we’ve been hard at work writing new music, we made our first batch of t shirts and are continually having new doors open up for us. I’m extremely grateful for all of it and am super pumped to be a part of it. At the same time we’ve just had our greatest loss yet. With our brother David leaving our band. This has put us in a new position forcing us to rethink and rework the way we operate as a band. It’s never a fun experience losing someone who has been around since day one, but in a way I am happy to be put in a position where we have to be pragmatic and rethink. In my opinion pragmatism is just as important as anything of you are searching for success. Keep working, if your efforts aren’t moving you closer to your goals rethink and change your approach. I don’t think we all stay as mindful of that as we should. We also seem to forget to acknowledge that in most situations we are in control. At least with what affects us. It’s easy to whine and complain when things don’t turn out for us how we think we deserve. But for me at least most of the time if I think about it with a clear head I know why and I can work to fix that. Most of the time it comes back to the entitlement we think we are owed. Once you realize you aren’t owed a thing and you really start to work for what you want you will really start to progress to your goals, and it will only make your successes sweeter. These are the ideas I’ve been working with the past few days. The best thing we can do is work had and be appreciative for anything were given, stay positive and surround ourselves with people that keep us in the right headspace to get us where we are trying to go.

-William Whited 

The jerk always loses in the end.

It is often that you find within bands and people that are attempting to make it an ego and self self entitlement that often goes unchecked. In other words people will be total assholes and jerks to you because of the work they are doing and the position they feel like they’re in. Which goes to make one ask the question, “is it worth it, if that’s what I become?” So many artists and so many people let their “fame” get the best of them. I can tell you as a person in a band that has been trying to make it, that there have been individuals who have threatened blacklisting, have tried to get us off of shows, and tried to backstabbing us at every corner, and for what? “Is your band so good that mine can’t exist?” I asked. What planet are we living on that people can feel so entitled and threaten what you are doing because they didn’t agree with something, or they didn’t have their way? I have never ever liked bullying and fully believe anyone using this technique will eventually find it will be their downfall. I understand our work is competitive with so many bands and so much music, but that gives no excuse to just be an asshole, plain and simple, because you never know who is going to be important in your life in the future, and sometimes your greatest enemy will become your greatest ally, and vice versa. Nothing is constant and nothing is concrete the world is always flowing, and those who try to make it move with fire will be the first ones to be put out. No one is better than anyone else, and self entitlement and ego are what make great men petty ones. This is something I have really been thinking about and trying to put into practice especially with dealing with fans, so many bands and people try to completely alienate their fans, but you have to remember it is those people who in times of trouble might be the only ones who are there for you, and deserve utmost respect. As the saying goes, “treat others as you would want to be treated and they will do the same.” Also don’t be a jerk.
-Dalton Winfree


Lately the concept of humility has been a reoccurring thought and topic in conversation, on a personal level as well as an observational level. It seems to be a problem that many of us struggle with, I can’t say for sure what the cause of this is, but in my opinion a lot of it is cultural. We live in we live in society that tells us our entire life that we can become anything we aspire to. Anything? I’m not sure if I agree with that or not. It may be possible but only if you’re willing to work for it. That may be where the problem is, we all seem to have some sense of entitlement that everything should just happen for us. Would that ever happen? I guess when you hear something so often it really can work its way into your brain, especially if its something you want to believe. On the other hand I do think think happiness and fulfillment can be found in the pursuit of passion, but that can only happen once you are able to shake those feelings of entitlement otherwise you will find yourself disappointed and frustrated more often. Regardless of the situation be humble, work hard, and take advice. People will catch on, they’ll want to be around you. No one likes an ego. From time to time I have to take a step back to reevaluate myself, who am I, do I deserve this or do I just think I should have it because I want it? If you can catch yourself on these things not only will you be more pleasant to work with but you will be happier and more content with your situation. All of these things are inward and reflective. I think that there are also physical ways that you can work on this, opening yourself up to helping those who need it you definitely learn to appreciate your own situation more. It can also be as easy as keeping a sober mind, critical thinking seems to be the first thing out the window when you are messing with your brain chemistry. These are things we often seem to forget but could benefit by putting a little thought into.

-William Donald Whited

A Code to live by


The other day I was watching the Movie 47 Ronin, a not so good movie, with what felt like scenes that had been terribly cut and made the entire film felt beyond very rushed. But as I was watching that movie, I ended up looking up the actual story of the 47 Ronin and this thing called Bushido. Bushido is the code of ethics that the Samurai in ancient Japan lived by. They lived by eight virtues:

1. Justice

2. Courage

3. Benevolence “mercy”

4. Politeness

5. Honesty and Sincerity

6. Honor

7. Loyalty

8. Character and Self Control

Samurai were raised to display these qualities, and live with the greatest honor. So important was there honor that if they did something that could be considered dishonorable they would commit seppuku (a ritual suicide of driving a short blade in their abdomen from left to right in a slicing motion) to regain their honor. They were warriors who did everything to serve and honor their shogun, to the very end. In many ways I feel as if we should take these qualities and this courage and apply it to our daily lives, not to the extent where we commit Seppuku, (ha not at all) But to the extent that we ourselves are making ourselves more honorable in a society that has seemed to have forgotten what it means to be moral and just. It is often in this society of America where vices such as having a complete lack of self control, dishonesty, disloyalty, and being completely egotistical and looking out for yourself are “good” and “just things.” To find the truth in this all you have to do is turn on the TV and just let it ride. Think about all the beer commercials promoting the party lifestyle, all the shows about cheating and lying, all the shows about making tons of money, it is these concepts and these things that seep into our daily lives and allow us to excuse our behavior, because we saw it, and are mimicking and getting these false concepts stuck in our heads. Our society feels as if it is self entitled to everything, I cannot tell you how many conversations I have heard of “what is best for me” and “Well I don’t know if that’s what I want to do.” Well, maybe some things aren’t always going to be best for you, and maybe some things aren’t going to be what you entirely want to do, but at the end of the day no one is better than anyone, and maybe instead of what can I do for myself today, maybe you should turn around and ask “what can I do for you today?” Because just like the samurai they knew they had to help serve and humble themselves to be the tools of honor and integrity, and maybe we should all do the same.

-Dalton Winfree