The Slaveowner Of The World


America is built on the slave labor of the rest of the world. It is Capitalism’s imperialism that has kept us on top, and as China and India sell out their countries for industrialization, it will only go to show how dependent we really are on their cheap systems of labor, when China and India have finally caught up. How are we under the Capitalist system going to manage our resources when Big Business in all of these countries, not just our booms? As these countries industrialize so to will its workers living conditions, jobs, and health regulations, to the point that the slave labor is going to cost to much for these other countries. Thus after looking at the example of America’s outsourcing, it is no doubt that these countries themselves will outsource and find populations of other countries to be their new slaves, with the promise of industrialization. Which gets us to the question, can the world survive under a Capitalist dog eat dog situation? As industry booms headlong in China, so to does their pollution rates, their push to get their country to industrialize has completely ruined their air, and its going to take many years and precautions to fix the damage done. Our Earth is being depleted of its resources, and our climate’s temperature keeps rising, with our businesses not doing a thing to stop it. We are veering along into what could become a disaster of epic proportions, for soon the superpowers of the world will be many and not just one, and the slave-owners will grow.


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