3 boys

Over the past few weeks a lot has happened in my life. A lot of great things, a promotion from my job and a pay raise. Ive been accepted back into school. As a band we’ve been hard at work writing new music, we made our first batch of t shirts and are continually having new doors open up for us. I’m extremely grateful for all of it and am super pumped to be a part of it. At the same time we’ve just had our greatest loss yet. With our brother David leaving our band. This has put us in a new position forcing us to rethink and rework the way we operate as a band. It’s never a fun experience losing someone who has been around since day one, but in a way I am happy to be put in a position where we have to be pragmatic and rethink. In my opinion pragmatism is just as important as anything of you are searching for success. Keep working, if your efforts aren’t moving you closer to your goals rethink and change your approach. I don’t think we all stay as mindful of that as we should. We also seem to forget to acknowledge that in most situations we are in control. At least with what affects us. It’s easy to whine and complain when things don’t turn out for us how we think we deserve. But for me at least most of the time if I think about it with a clear head I know why and I can work to fix that. Most of the time it comes back to the entitlement we think we are owed. Once you realize you aren’t owed a thing and you really start to work for what you want you will really start to progress to your goals, and it will only make your successes sweeter. These are the ideas I’ve been working with the past few days. The best thing we can do is work had and be appreciative for anything were given, stay positive and surround ourselves with people that keep us in the right headspace to get us where we are trying to go.

-William Whited 


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